Multitask Countertop Delivery Cart


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Multitask Countertop Delivery Cart

  • Can easily be driven up a 3′ rise on 8′ ramps. Pneumatic tires prevent damage to flooring.
  • Designed to deliver pieces to 1,500 lbs with 2 people. I designed these carts after watching 5 people set a 700 lb. granite island (and struggle doing it). When was the last time you had 5 people to spare?
  • Unique design eliminates the need to ever lift the entire weight of the piece Countertop is tilted into position and slid into place.
  • Cart can be locked into horizontal position to deliver countertops with integral sinks or vanities. Horizontal height of the cart is 36″.
  • Design drawings include complete material cut lists.
  • Save big bucks by fabricating locally.

Multi Task Cart in Action:

Going up steps with the multi task cart:

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