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Trinic is taking a new approach to Custom Color Blends. You will have your choice of Trinic blending batch specific colors for you ($50 lab charge applies) or for simple blends two or three color blends we will give you the formula for a one time fee of $50 allowing you the freedom to use the base colors to tweek the custom color as you wish and mix exactly what you need for a particular batch. this will eliminate the waste of ordering a custom pigment that you may never use again.

If you choose to have Trinic blend your custom color we will need to know your color choice (the color charts links and smart phone apps are below), your batch size, water to cement ratio and if you are using white or grey cement. Keep in mind that we are talking about coloring concrete and many factors affect the final color outcome such as sand or aggregate color, Admixes and environment so it is strongly recommended that you do samples to verify your color choice.

Because of the wide range of costs associated with our pigments we have set up tier pricing for our custom blends.

Tier #1: $6/lb. Includes: Tan, Black 451, RM Brown, Brown, Chestnut and Beige.

Tier #2: $9/lb. Includes: Brick Red, Cinder, Golden, Grey and Wine

Tier #3: $39.75/lb. Includes: Bluestone, Cobalt Blue, Spruce, Purple and Teal

As noted above these tiers only apply if you are having Trinic blend your custom color. If you choose to buy the formula then you will simply buy the base pigments.

Contact Trinic at: (607) 655-1517 / 800-475-1975 (USA only) / for assistance.

Helpful links:

Online color selection / cross-reference tool. This works pretty well once you figure it out. use the Pantone App on my iPhone to select a color then used the HTML number associated with it in the “HEX” value search. Hit “GO” and then scroll down to the NCS conversion below and it offers several options.
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