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Trinic CS

Trinic CS  modifies cement hydration at the nano-scale level penetrating deep into the concrete.

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Trinic CS

Trinic CS  modifies cement hydration at the nano-scale level.  Trinic CS  is 1,000 times smaller than cement grains.


  • Highly reactive suspended crystals fit between cement grains providing a nucleation site for the precipitation of CSH gel.
  • Accelerates the early strength gain of concrete with minimal affect on initial set.
  • Improves particle packing at a nano scale.  This leads to a denser concrete with less bugholes.
  • Trinic CS  improves the concrete’s microstructure and reduces water permeability.
  • Improves compressive and flexuraul strength 10% to 30% depending on dosage.
  • Eliminates effloresces.
  • Trinic CS improves the bond between cement matrix and aggregates, especially important in glass mixes.
  • Improves mix cohesion, allowing a flowable GFRC mix to be sprayed on vertical surfaces.  Prevents segregation in highly plasticized mixes.
  • Five Gallons of Trinic CS equals the power of one ton of ordinary pozzolans such as silica fume, Metakaolin, bottle Pozz, or VCAS.
  • Accelerates the strength gain of concrete containing pozzolans.  In many cases a 50% or more of the cement can replaced with a pozzolan without the loss of next day strength.
  • Contains dispersants to prevent clumping

Dosage Recommendations:

  • 1% to 5% (by weight of liquid) of the total cementitious material in the batch.
  • Ex. If your batch has 100 lbs. of cementious material and you wanted to dose at 2%, you would weigh out and dose 2 lbs. of System 1 CS.
  • The mix will become more cohesive and require more Trinic 1 plasticizer to maintain fluidity as you approach a 5% dosage.
  • Above 5% you will experience diminishing returns.
  • Trinic CS liquid contains 50% solids.  This means you are adding 50% water when you add it to your batch, adjust your batch water accordingly.

Please contact Trinic with any questions.

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